The Pit

Arena background by Sebastian Sala.

Orbiting the Planet Crohn is the moon of Carnal VI. There, impoverished souls waste away in the ghettos. To make a living, one must either take up illegal activities or find work at the space harbor, where employment is limited. Said poor souls could also engage in Pit-Fighting: A brutal sport where any weapon can be used in an underground Colosseum called the pit. Anything goes. Death is almost certain. The only non-lethal way to down your opponent is either by knockout or ring-out. However, if a contestant loses by said methods, they are tattooed with a giant black circle on their face. Each loss guarantees another black mark. For 3 women, they aim to the top of the ladder, facing off against tougher opponents in order to be the number one fighters on Carnal VI. 

Sample Pages and Character Design

Art by Sebastian Sala and Merrick Moore-Fields